Elder Karen J


You Have Been Chosen

God KNOWS me. He knows “the me” that people rarely see. He knows “the me” that few can embrace. He really KNOWS ME, and still he loves and chose me.

In Ephesians 3, The Apostle Paul writes to the Church at Ephesus. In this chapter, Paul rehearses his role as “SERVANT OF THE GOSPEL”. His role was not of his own election but rather by the “GIFT OF GOD’S GRACE” (3:7). For this reason alone, we can sense that Paul, despite his bonds, sought to fulfill his vocation as servant of the gospel. He had an immense appreciation for God’s gift or was it his even greater appreciation for the Father’s Grace. Paul remembered that he did not deserve the Lord’s gift and surely he did not deserve HIS grace. In this passage, he even counts himself as “LESS THAN THE LEAST OF ALL THE LORD’S PEOPLE” (3:8).

Despite Paul’s ridicule of himself, God looked upon him and said, “You - I want you to speak for me and declare my word unto the Gentiles. You tell them of my goodness.” WOW! I wish I had time to go into Paul’s curriculum vitaé detailing all that he had accomplished against the Lord and HIS church during the time that he was called Saul to help you to understand why we would deem this election odd.

You and I, like so many, can recount a plethora of reasons, both real and imagined, as to why it should not have been Paul that the Lord chose and/or used. And guess what, Paul would be the first. But, God chose him! HE is so NOT like us. God is always conscious and concentrating on HIS investments placed within us.

There are those right now, this instant, that can present irrefutable evidence as to why you and I are unworthy of the Lord’s blessed presence upon our life, why we are unworthy of the Lord’s fellowship, but like Paul, the Father has chosen you and me for HIS express purpose.

So tell me, what is it that permits you to discount, dismiss, discredit, devalue, and deflate your service unto the Father. Why do you hold yourself back? Why do you stand in your own way? Why are you so quick to say, “not me” but him/her? Why do you think that God can’t or won’t use the trauma of your life to resuscitate others? Why can’t your tragedy stir hope in many? NO MORE EXCUSES.

None of us can stand worthy before our Holy Father except that HE has afforded us such a privilege through reconciliation purchased by the Blood of Jesus. Join me…let’s take our rightful places at the feet of the Father, worshipping and loving HIM, determined to walk in obedience, and fulfilling the cause of Christ within us. We were born to do it. Today we begin afresh in the newness of God, basqueing in the benefit of HIS Love and HIS Great Grace.

I’ll meet you at the Father’s feet…Selah