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Recently, while skimming through the book 40-Day Soul Fast by Dr. Cindy Trimm, I was inspired to pen this blog.

In the book she specified the following, “Fasting and abstinence is not an end in itself but rather a door that is opened to us for the purpose of godly living.”

Godly Living!  How many of us can say that we hear the term or even the concept of Godly Living in our 21st century assemblies (churches)? If it is heard at all, I’m certain that it is not taught with sufficient clarity. This is a foundational spiritual attribute that we must commit ourselves to building into our lives.

To be fair I should define what I mean when I say “Godly Living”.  In general, I am talking about Godliness or God-likeness, which begins with God-like thoughts. However, I am more accurately saying that one must be devoted to God. This is the meaning of Godliness or Godly living.

Being devoted to something means you are focused on that particular thing, almost exclusively. Being devoted to God means you place His needs above your own. Unfortunately, far too many of us want God to place our needs at the forefront of His “things to do list”.

God-likeness is Christ-likeness. Therefore to have the attributes of Christ is to have the attributes of God. Looking at our Savior, who is more than just our example for living, we see that Christ’s mind was focused on one mission, the will of the Father. He was not scatter-brained. He did not allow His thoughts to be like shot gun pellets, spread all over the place. He had one central motivation, to do what He saw the Father doing. He was and is yet, devoted to the Father. This is the mind of Christ.

In 1 Corinthians 2:16 Paul tells the church that we have the mind of Christ. However, this is only so if we have taken our mind off and put His mind on. If we have not removed our selfish ambitions and replaced them with God’s mission, we do not have the mind of Christ. Therefore we are not living Godly.

Godly living is our path to peace. It causes our virtue, knowledge and temperance to translate into the most God-like characteristic of all – Love! God is LOVE! When we love we are showing forth God’s greatest attribute. When we love Him, we love His ministry. When we love Him, we love His people. When we love Him, we even love the world. For God so loved the world!

Let us strive for Godly Living.


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