Elder Karen J


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Chosen and Equipped to Serve!

Elder Karen J Fowler is the founder of TRUE-Ministry Evangelistic.  A third generation preacher of whom it is said, “she preaches with an uncanny prophetic profundity that is theologically sound.”

Solemnly and publicly set apart to the work of the Gospel Ministry and fulfilling the prophetic utterances spoken over her life, she has been uncovered and commissioned to display the worship of The Almighty GOD in the earth.  Elder Karen J has indeed been Summoned by the FATHER, Equipped by the LORD JESUS CHRIST and Energized by the HOLY SPIRIT to Pray, Preach and Teach the Gospel of the Kingdom!  A TRUE Psalmist, who is often moved by Holy Spirit to speak prophetically into the lives of GOD’s people, she motivates and inspires the children of GOD to Press into HIS Presence.

TRUE-Ministry Evangelistic Association is parachurch that God has designed to be the vehicle that transports and undergirds Elder Karen J’s evangelistic work.  This movement endeavors to encourage the lost, the least, and the last from every age, culture, and background by facilitating conferences, celebrations and crusades that adhere to Biblical principles. The ministry also provides missionary support and outreach locally and abroad.

Elder Karen J Fowler’s mission is to teach, restore, uplift and edify all who will hear through the Word of GOD. With a firm belief that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living GOD, she commits to building the Body and evangelizing the lost.  The TRUE mission is to tell a dark, disturbed, destitute and disillusioned world that Jesus Saves, the Father is Sovereign and we are supernaturally empowered through the Holy Spirit!

 Elder Fowler and her husband, Mark, make their home in New Orleans, Louisiana.